Types of Borehole Tests 


The aim of a borehole yield test varies depending on the intended application or use.

There are multiple variations of borehole yield tests, however there is one paramount objective and that is to gather high quality data that is accurate and representable.


 SANS 10299-4:2003 Indicates the minimum prescribed requirements for effectively conducting a yield test and the recommended equipment for these tests.



Here is a list of the different borehole yield tests:


1. Maximum Yield Test (Residential or Private Use)

2. Extended Step Test (Bank Certification or Private Sustainable Yield Estimation)

3. Constant Yield Test (Water Usage Licensing, General Authorisation or Aggricultural Use)

4. Constant Head Yield Test (Borehole Evaluations and Environmental Effect)


Each of the above mentioned tests vary in duration, equipment used and costs.

Examples of Water Movement Data


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